Is the Emotiva xpa-3 overkill for my room/system?


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My room is 25'L x 12'W x 8'H. I am running an Onkyo 838 (130W @ 8 Ohms - 2 channels), L & R are Polk Monitor 70 Series II (90dB), center is Polk CS10 (91dB), surround and rears are 4x Polk LSi100 (89dB) and subs are 2x Polk PSW505's (460W - 12 inch). I'm thinking that I want to run this amp on my center and main L & R channels. I haven't finished building out the room yet, so I can't test what I have already purchased. I want to feel the movies and music and not kill my Onkyo...along with not going def or blowing out the basement windows.

Is the amp too much? Should I get 2 lower powered amps to run the surround and rear channels and have the Onkyo drive the front 3 speakers?

I'm new to a major system. I want to do things right without killing my bank account or causing my neighbors to hate me.


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Your speakers are fairly easy to drive. You've two subs to take the lower (heavier) load. Unless you're listening at reference level the Onkyo will probably be fine.

You can't really have too much power :) it just gives you more headroom. No harm in using a PA for the LCR, but see if you can get a demo first to see if it actually improves anything for you.


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I was contemplating one of these in the future to go with my Anthem 310 & KEF ls50s.

My neighbours are tw*** so louder the better :-D

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