Is the DS212+ overkill ?


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Apr 26, 2006
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Want a Nas to stream media , mainly video, to bedroom and living room .

It will be connected to the router (superhub) which is in the bed room to serve my Samsung tv via DLNA also connected directly to the router and apple tv downstairs which is connected to the router via wifi.

I have read good things about the ds212+ but I come across the my book live which I can get for around £150/160 with a 3TB drive . That's over £100 cheaper than the synology and thats before I factor in the price of hard drives .

I'm just not sure what I will gain from the synology in my set up. From what ive read the only negatives about the my book live is it can have slow transfer speeds . I will be copying my data from my laptop which will connected via wifi any way so I think it will be slow which ever router I take.

Any ideas , suggestions ?
It is a bit overkill, the Synology is faster to transfer to and has a lot more features and but if you dont use any of them then they are not much use.

Things you might use with the Synology
* Built in file manager Filestation is quite good.
* You can run Serviio one of the best DLNA servers on the Synology more easily than you can run it on the My Book.
* Synology's audio/photo iOS apps support airplay on the server so you can set AppleTV as default output in the server control panel and when using DSPhoto or DSAudio it will automatically play on the AppleTV. You could do the same with the my Book but have to manually set the Airplay output in your iOS device.

If none of that matters then stick with the My Book.
Thanks next

In my setup , using a vm superhub , do you think I will notice a speed difference on ds212+ when transferring files from my laptop o the Nas ?
If on ethernet then yes it should be faster, if on wireless don't bother save your money and go with the My Book.

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