Is the DRX-595 the answer to my problem.


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My Pace 2500 digibox (don’t laugh) which I have been quite happy with for a decade or two finally gave up the ghost.

My current setup is as follows.

The second RF output from the digibox is connected to a T140 TVLink booster which feeds the TVs in the bedroom and kitchen. I have a magic eye connected in the bedroom to control the box.

I have always been reluctant to get an HD box due to the fan noise. I know that this doesn’t disturb the majority of people but any type of electrical sound drives me mad. If there is a silent scene in a movie, I want to hear silence.

It would appear however that I have little choice other than to upgrade and I’m currently planning to get a DRX595 which I believe has no fan due to not having a disc.

I realise that the 595 doesn’t have an RF output but what I'm wondering is, if I bought a DRX595 plus one of these


would everything work as it does(did) now?

It would be great to know that somebody has much the same setup and that the distribution of signal and magic eye functionality is working.

I'm also assuming that this model has a Sky viewing card slot but have been unable to find confirmation.


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