Is the Denon S-52 DAB/FM/CD/Wi-Fi/iPod about to be replaced?


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I've seen the prices for this drop by around £200, and am tempted... Done a search on various websites (incl. those from overseas) and cannot see any replacement for it.


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NOTE: Could be had for under £200 earlier this year.

Quite... the current price is around £329, but I had seen the referenced link. So am willing to wait a bit to see if it hits nearer £250 (at which point it becomes good value for money, IMO).

On a side note, I've never seen/heard this Denon unit in real life - and recently had my socks blown away by a Vita R4. But I whereas £250 is reachable, £450+ for the Vita is a budget too far... and no internet radio, either :(

edit: no-one is showing cheaper than £329-ish at the moment, there's a whole gaggle of suppliers at that price point.

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