Is the CX tv sold with the C9 stand? (losing my mind)


Sorry to budge in with my problem but I feel like I'm going absolutely insane and don't know who to turn to.

Today I received my LG CX 65'' from John Lewis. I've been following the instructions step by step but am stuck on the last step when connecting the stand to the tv.

I know it's a bit tricky and there are some videos on Youtube explaining how to position the metal bit (front stand) with the base, at the right angle, and then fitting it into the TV. I've seen tons of videos and have been trying for hours. The screws at this stage are getting a bit worn off, however the holes on the TV just don't align with the stand. They aren't completely far off but it still doesn't align.

I know there's a thread of people who've received the wrong base (the black bit) from John Lewis - however mine actually says 55-65, which is the right size.
The issue is in the metallic bit, what I'll call the front stand. This stand actually says OLED55/66 C9.. which I thought was strange, but since I know the C9 and CX are very similar maybe it's the same stand.

I've called John Lewis asking this and they say the stand is compatible. I've tried installing it again but it still doesn't work.

Before I think of next steps I just wanted to ask people here if they know whether the stand is the same (C9 stand working on the CX stand) or if John Lewis got it wrong? Attaching a picture of the sticker on my CX stand.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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They're similar, but I thought they were different as the CX appears to sit lower than the C9.



Thanks for sharing. I've seen this video many many times. There's actually a moment where the sticker beneath the stand is visible and was trying to tell if it says C9 or CX but it's just too blurry to tell :(

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