Is the contrast of a Plasma good enough to replace a CRT

Jon Weaver

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I am sorry for all these posts, but I am still swaying between keeping my CRT or going for a Plasma.

All of the Plasmas that I have seen have been in shops with fairly dimely lit enviroments.

If you put a Plasma next to a CRT in 'normal' condition (i.e the room lit with bright day light) will the Plasma compair favourably.

I need to be sure that I won't have to close the curtains everytime I watch the TV.


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Since the question is pertaining to plasma rather than crt, we'll send it over there.Mooooveing :)


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To be honest I found my old 28" widescreen crt (not flatscreen) almost unwatchable at some times in daylight (note to self - get thicker curtains).

My new plasma is much better, although most of this is because, being a flat screen, it doesn't always reflect the window wherever you're sitting.

I find that the biggest problem is reflections rather than a lack of contrast with either plasma or crt.

Night time viewing is the tops though but not essential as for projector setups.



sorry jon mis wrote the last post cant find it now to change it,
i ment to write what plasma did you decide on after?
if it is any help i have ntl going in to mine through a rgb to vga box and the pic quality is good on most channels ,things like sky news and bbc and the more popular channels i find good, things like euro sport and bravo not so good.
on the plus side i just watched 2 hours of boxing on sky sports very good pic and the logo`s were fine no after burn at all.

Jon Weaver

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Still havnt' decided on anything.. If I am going to get one, it will definitely be the Toshiba 46WP16.. But, after the demo of the 43" Pioneer that I saw today, I am far from convinced.

After spending a further £1500 (on top of what I have payed for my current CRT TV), I would hope for nothing but benifits... But other than a 42" screen, everything else seems to be a negative.

I am still trying to find somewhere I can get a proper demo of the Toshiba/Panasonic, but if its anything like the Pioneer, I am going to live with what I have.

How do you find yours for 'Normal' TV... My biggest fear is that my ratio of 'normal TV' to Movies is about 95%/5% and I want something whoch will make normal TV look good. However the Pioneer I saw looked awfully jaggied.

Jon Weaver

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Another question.. I have just been reading the thread about 'buzzing'... DO you have a noticable buzz from your Plasma?

My old Sony CRT was quite loud and I was happy to get a Philips which is almost silent.. I would be gutted to buy a Plasma and find that it buzzes.


i was lucky with mine no buzzing at all, no dead pixells and i dont suffer from the s-video lock.
i find watching tv very good i have to different settings normal for night time and i use the dynamic for day time i get a very good pic,


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I think you have finally given the salient information concerning your plasma dilemma.

You don't watch enough widescreen material to get the best from a plasma at moment they are best for DVDs and widescreen material the rest is a slight compromise regarding aspect.

Which for 95% of the time I would not make.

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