Question Is the Amazon Prime Video app available on the TX-P60ZT65B?


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Hello, I've not been able to find the Amazon Prime Video app on my TX-P60ZT65B. Is it an app I'm able to install? The app offerings on this tv are worse than my cheaper Panasonic, which I find strange unless I'm missing something.


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I would guess not - it definitely wasn't an option on my 2011 GT30, so I used my PS4 at the time.

If you've already checked the Panasonic app store / marketplace on your ZT65 and it isn't listed then you're out of luck, unfortunately. If your cheaper Panasonic TV is a newer model, then that would explain the difference in the apps available for each of your TVs, as this is usually related to the age of a smart TV rather than the cost.

Depending on your other needs, an Amazon Firestick would probably be the best option if you're a Prime member - the interface on a Firestick will be far superior than the one on older (and some newer !) TVs.

Unfortunately, you've just missed the Black Friday event, where the Firesticks were around half-price. They usually get a similar reduction on Prime day too, but that's 6 months away.

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