is the 42PZ70 worth for my needs? (HELP!!)

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by gyru73, Sep 20, 2007.

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    Believe me I read all the possible threads on the subject but I think I really need some "personalized" advice. I am in doubt between the 42px70 (at 1150 euros) and the 42pz70 (at 1700 euros). These are my needs:

    I will watch the screen at 3.0-3.5 meters. At the moment I only have:
    -a home theather (DVD+ampli) pioneer (very good one but old, only composite and s-video out)
    -a cheap majestic DVD/DVX player but with component video out

    So no HDMI, skybox and videogames for the moment. At some point I will probably go for a blueray player but not now.
    What I am going to do for the moment is to watch standard TV channels from my aerial using the embedded digital decoder, and normal DVD's with the above mentioned players/connections. In addition, I would like to plug in occasionally my 1024x768 laptop.

    What would you do? I don't mind too much about the extra 550 euros IF IT'S WORTH, but the point is that someone says the px may do a much better job on standard TV, which in the end would be most of my usage for the time being. Would it be a waiste of money going on the pz?

    Please help!
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    The only person can answer that is you. Go and have a look at both the panels and see if you like either of them. If money is not problem and you intend to upgrade the rest of you kit over the next few years then get the PZ.

    If your plans to upgrade aren't that imminent then I'm sure you'd be perfectly happy with the PX (as long as you have made sure you've seen it first that is). Frankly even if you did upgrade your other kit immediately chances are you'd still be extremely happy with PX. Remember - until very recently full HD was not available and a decent 720 panel was the "must have" specification and many folks have raved about how good they were and still are. Just cos there's a full HD panel out there now, does not diminish the fact that the PX70 is a very good value for money telly that most folks would be proud to have in their lounge.

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