Is the 2 channel audio on the ACRAM 350. Any good?


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Being a moderate but not extreme HI FI enthusiast, has the time come when I can ditch my Naim pre/power amps and Hicap and rely on something like the ARCAM 350 to do both to provide an excellent cinema system but also satisfy my somewhat waning (too many kids:rolleyes: ) audiophile tendancies.
I would certainly wish to listen to most of my CD and Vinyl (still the best!:) ) collection in 2 channel audio not pseudo surround (DVDA and SACD excluded).
Would I be dissappointed?
I know some will say go and listen but direct comparisons with my present sytems are going to be difficult and if I do go down this route my whole sytems wiring and placement will have to change. This would make even a home demo difficult. Both systems would go into top end Epos floorstanding/centre/rear and REL sub.
I have heard rumours that in 2 channel mode the ARCAM sounds rather dull!!!?

Any opinions?


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The AVR350 in stereo is very good indeed. It is not going to be up to the same standard as your current Naim gear but it is certainly in a class of its own against other AV receivers at any price.

If you really want the best of both worlds then you need to be a bit more realistic with your budget. The Arcam AV9 and P7 are far more likely to satisfy your already discerning ear for longer.


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if you dont need the video gubbins, i suggest you try the Primare SPA21, that does a lovely job with stereo as well as surround'll probably be about the only integrated surround amp at the price range capable of giving the Arcam 350 a fight ;)

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From the little I have heard of the two different makes of amp, I would say the sound presentation/reproduction is quite different.

If you like your Naim sound I would definatly go for a listen somewhere even to get a rough idea as to what Arcam will sound like compaired to Naim.

Might you be able to add your Naim power amps to the 350 - if you feel your lacking the Naim sound....????

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