Is Teletext available on freeview play? Tx 43HX940B


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My old tx L42et60b decided to die, and I have just got a TX 43HX940B, great picture, but I cannot get teletext on freeview, which is the freeview play variety. Has the old style teletext service been removed, or has Panasonic got rid of it? The remote has a 'text' button, but nothing happens. Am I missing something in the setup menus? My wife is lost without the old style teletext!


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Teletext is being phased out on modern TV's and is being replaced by the Enhanced Service which you can access by pressing the red button.


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Teletext and Ceefax stopped transmission in 2012 and the BBC replaced Ceefax with the Red Button Service, which was actually due to be switched off in January 2020 but got a reprieve while they looked into the impact it's removal would have on certain age groups and in September last year, they announced they had reversed their decision and the Red Button Service would continue.

Whether you can receive the Red Button Service properly now though seems to depend on the age and/or possibly the brand of your TV.

My 10+ year old LG LCD still receives the service as I remember it, whereas my 2 year-old Panasonic OLED receives a much-simplified version with News and Sport links that simply take you to iPlayer instead of further pages of text. I imagine your TV will be the same - try going to the BBC News channel and pressing the red button on your remote.

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