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Is SONY the only manufacturer to ....



... adds Progressive Scan selectable via hardware/button on the machines?

I had to replace my old Pioneer 575 because, I found that having to go thru menus as the only way to switch back and forth from Prog to Interlace was a real nuisance.

Sometimes, if the night before I forgot to switch back to Interlace after watching a video on my Proj (connected via Component), the following day my 6 y/o son at home could not watch DVDs because the picture would not show on the TV set (connected to the 575 via S-Video).

After a long search I could find that, where I live (Hong Kong), SONY seems to be the only brand that offers such feature, that is, Prog Scan/Interlace selecteable via button on the DVD front panel. Is that the same elsewhere?

I wonder what would happen to someone who happens to have only a TV connected via Composite/S-Video if he/she accidentally switched to progressive.

How is it possible to switch back to interlace thru menus in a situation like that???

Is it me or many manufacturers just do not think when they design their machines?



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There is also one on the front of my Samsung Dvd Recorder as well


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I have the NAD T562 at home and pretty certain the button is in the centre of the remote.


Mec said:
There is also one on the front of my Samsung Dvd Recorder as well
Thank you fr yr input.
I actually have a Panasonic E85H DVD Recorder that does not even need to be switched between the two modes. In fact, it can output Iterlaced thru S-Video/Composite and Progressive Scan thru Component at the same time.
But, other shortcomings (such as the fact that I have to swicth the timer off if the TV signal is set to PAL and I want to watch a NTSC DVD Video and viceversa) forced me to buy a standalone player for the specific purpose of watching DVDs.
Anyway, the thread is about DVD Players! Please let's stick with players only! :)


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Not sure about the Denon 1910 but the 2910 and 3910 allow different switching on the front panel.
It might be that the s-video can be one and composite/DVI/HDMI another.
They also play PAL/NTSC

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