Is Sonic Battle any good on the GameCube?

Drunken Master

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Just got this from my brother-in-law as a present haven't opened it. Anyone got any views?

Havnt played it cos only got it the other day i only had a quick go and looks good and levals seem masive

Ekko Star

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if you've played the DC version it's exactly the same. gets knocked on the GC as ppl were expecting more features/levels.

However if you like the genre and it's a new game to you it's blinding. I think it's awesome, graphics are blinding and the speed of the game blistering.

One of Sega's all time greats.


I agree, other than a few camera issues that dogs all 3D games its pretty decent. The pop up is reduced a bit more than on the Dreamcast but its a decent game to play. I'll probably buy the Sonic Collection once its out on the GC, it'll have all the Sonic games (bar Adventure) along with Sonic R and a few other treats. Should be fun ^_^

Drunken Master

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I've started to get into this game. It's really fast, a lot quicker than the DC version!

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