Is run-in needed for LCDs?


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Hi all,

Ok so my new LCD should arrive soon and i was wondering is there any need for a run-in period and should any precautions be taken during the first X number of hours?



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Although no running-in is involved you may actually see an improvement in picture quality as the screen beds in.


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ThePimpmaster said:
Run in is needed, the image will improve after a few hours of use :)
And a TV has some speakers as well, and they need run in. ;)
I'm sure the OP was referring to running in as they do for plasma screens whereby you run the TV at low settings for 200 hrs or more in order to prevent screen burn etc. No such precautions are need with LCD.
That's what I assumed. Although the other posters are quite right, my uneven backlighting eventually disappeared after a few days.
Asides from my white patches disappearing, I don't think I remember my image quality improving. Are you sure it's not a psychological thing - getting used to any faults that a TV will inevitably have?


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I had the same feeling, might be the settings and getting used to the image, but i thought the image got a bit less grainy and colour banding was less...but it might have been total imagination!
pknarb said:
Maybe it takes a few days to get all the settings right and that explains the improvement.

That is probably right, at first you tend to use presets, laters on you start using different settings for different sources. :)


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my tosh 27wl56 'motion blurs' a little bit when i first switch it on with xbox but soon settles down after a few minutes.

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