Is Rotel any good?

Helix Hifi

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Hello! It has been awhile since I’ve listed to Rotel.

A few questions never the less.

1: Are Rotel stable, or do they have any issues?

2: If I wanna try out the 1572 amplifier from Rotel, can I then just use the analog inputs, digital inputs and not bother with the Lan port or must I download the drivers to a laptop of some kind? As mentioned I do believe it just needs to be connected to the Ethernet if I wanna stream music online from the amplifier.

I well use my Node2i as my dedicated streamer.

By the latter I’m thinking of if it needs to be connected to the
Ethernet, WiFi to work properly? Get sound from the speakers? I can’t imagine it needs to.

3: Does it get hot to touch?

4: Does it support pre out ( Ht Pass) and pre amplifier options? I’m thinking about using a subwoofer, AVR amplifier in the future.

It is not certain, but perhaps it is time to try something new.

I do belive @BlueWizard has the Rotel amplifier I am mentioning in this post. So I am hoping if anyone can share their experiences.

Thanks everyone!
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Timmy C

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It's on this list of HT Bypass amps.


Helix Hifi

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It's on this list of HT Bypass amps.

Thanks. I guess I don’t need to enable the Ethernet function since I well use the Node2i for streaming from Spotify?

It also has two mono output for subwoofer connections.

Exactly what does that mean?

Connect two subwoofers?

Helix Hifi

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You see I use the Marantz PM8006 at the moment, and perhaps I want some more grunt/drive to the music.

Marantz does that fairly good, it is just that on some recordings I feel that the vocals are a bit behind the soundstage.

It could be fun to try something else.

And it seems that Rotel are about to release new models, so perhaps there is some money saved.

But unfortunately here in Norway that is usually not the case.


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I had a dreadful time with their customer service last year on a faulty 1575 amp that just kept cutting out. Support was slow and hopeless even allowing for COVID delays. Dreadful experience and I’d never buy again.


I have had the Rotel A14 amp along with the matching CD14 model and I had no problems or issues whatsoever. I would thoroughly recommend Rotel as a brand, particularly the CD players. It was only because I wanted to move to a one-box solution (Cyrus Lyric) that I sold on all my separates to save space.


rotel amps sound: okeish, but uninspiring and a little bit dull and dry...noting to write home about...some cynics will say, everything what is wrong with solid state amp sound :)


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I do have a Rotel 1570, the previous version of the newer 1572. I've not had any problems, I haven't tried USB, but I run my TV through the Optical Input and it works just fine. The only other things I have connect are a Turntable and a CD Player.

The Rotel did come with a CD that had USB driver on it, but this is an older model.

The one thing I don't like is that it has Digital Tone Controls. You have to go into the Menu and make your adjustments there. Personally, I would rather have Bass and Treble Dials, but that is really a small point as I don't use Tone Controls very often.

Clean smooth sound, I really can't find anything to complain about. I've had mine since about 2014.

From what I can understand, the 1572 Network connection is not for Music, it is for Software updates. I have heard that with 3rd Party software you can get the Network working for Music, but I have never been able to get anyone to confirm that. So, I wouldn't count on it.

EDITED: for the record with my speaker combination, using two separate amps, I have been able to peak above 110dB for movies (the Hobbit). The SPL Meter I was using pegged at 110dB, so I can't be sure how high it really was. So, the underlying power is there.

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