is rockbox available for the 8gb ipod 3g


Standard Member I'm getting confused with all these ipod models some of the pictures don't even match up.

I have that newish ipod 3g that plays videos etc. I don't wanna keep using itunes. When I plug my ipod to my ps3 there are crap loads of folders and aparently thats itunes doing and that rockbox is some third party program. Anyone else use it?


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Any ideas when it could be available for the ipod 3g then. Are there any other of these firmwares that work on the 3g or do I have to stick with apples firmware for now.


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Doesn't look like anyone is developing Rockbox for the 3g. Rockbox is open source software and it is only developed for players if someone wants to put the time in. I don't know of any other OS for MP3 players.

I don't have an iPod but you could try Media Monkey instead of iTunes, you would have to check out the website to find out if it supports the 3g.

I use Rockbox on my iRiver. One of the reasons I steered well clear of Apple is because I prefer to choose how I upload to my player and how media is organised. Apple is all about doing it their way so you have to use thier licensed software with and what ever other control they can package in their shiny little boxes. If you want Rockbox you could try to get hold of one of the older Rockboxable iPods. The EQ control in Rockbox is spot on and enhances your player no end.

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