Is religion a force for good in the world overall?

Overall, is religion a force for good?

  • Religion is a force for good overall

    Votes: 22 21.8%
  • Religion is not a force for good overall

    Votes: 79 78.2%

  • Total voters


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BBC News - Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens debate religion

Blair and Hitchens debated this very question above, with the audience voting 2:1 in Hitchen's favour that is it not.

I modified the question a bit as the original read "is religion a force for good in the world" as I think we would agree that there are some aspects of religion that are good such as the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Overall I believe the negative aspects of religion outweigh the positives.

Ian J

This topic has been done to death on the forum so please vote without adding any comments but with the occasional bump to bring it back to the top.



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FYI ... this debate is now airing on BBC News Channel :)
BBC - BBC Parliament Programmes - Intelligence Squared Debate, The Munk Debate on Religion

Tony Blair and atheist Christopher Hitchens debate whether religion is a force for good in the world. Rudyard Griffiths chairs.

[-]1. Sat 1 Jan 2011, 01:30, BBC News Channel[/-]
[-]2. Sat 1 Jan 2011, 04:30, BBC News Channel[/-]
[-]3. Sat 1 Jan 2011, 22:30, BBC News Channel[/-]
[-]4. Sun 2 Jan 2011, 01:30, BBC News Channel[/-]
5. Sun 2 Jan 2011, 23:30, BBC News Channel
6. Tue 4 Jan 2011, 03:30, BBC News Channel
Has NOT been made available on iPlayer
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I dont know which to vote for.
I dont believe in god, think that it causes alot of pain and suffering in the world.

but like wars (esp world wars) it can united people and make them work together for the greater good.

look what the egyptians managed to build for their gods (pharaohs)
look what the romans accomplished
heck even look at what the british and americans accomplished

without a god or leader, we would still be in caves :lesson:

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