Is PS64E8000 eating my bandwidth?


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On 02.08.2012 I purchased the SAMSUNG - Series 8 PS64E8000 Television from Currys on line and paid for them to do the set up for me due to my age and disability.
It appeared alright and for a few days I was in awe of the large screen.
However having had time to get used to it I find it has one major flaw, the television is eating my bandwidth; Normal download speeds on my computer average 16.41 Mbps but If I switch on the TV they drop to 0.625 Mbps or similar.

Switch the TV off and speed returns to normal.

At no time am I able to use iPlayer or progs like youtube on the Television because it is continuously buffering. Which in turn means such programmes have to be watched on the computer which would mean that my wife can’t take advantage of what this TV has to offer.
How do I get my Television to work as advertised? And who is the responsible party for putting it right, Samsung or Currys?
I can only contact in writing because of speech difficulties. So telephoning is out of the question.

Thank you in anticipation.



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Some of the slimline LED TVs seem to have extremely noisy power supplies and can wipe out WiFi signals. People have in the past had them exchanged and the problem has cleared up, others have had a replacement and it hasn't solved it.

First things first, how close is your wireless router to your TV? If you can, try and move it as far away as possible and see if that helps. This is not going to solve the issue with the WiFi reception on the TV though...


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Thank you for the reply.

I neglected to say that I have a wired connection to both computer and Television so not a WiFi problem.


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Are you using ADSL? Same thing applies - I've seen dodgy power supplies knock out the DSL signal.

Who is your ISP and what router do you have? Is it close to the TV, and does the phone line run close to any of the TV related cables (in particular the power cable).


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I have this same TV and see no impact on Internet speed.
As others have commented it is possible that if TV is close to router or cabling then noise on phone line can disrupt broadband speed.
You can check this by restarting the router while the TV is on. If the Internet becomes stable but at perhaps a bit lower maximum speed than before that would confirm this.
Also you could try using WiFi instead to see if the noise is going back through the wired connection (could be a bad cable too).

P.s. great TV. Make sure you put it in Movie mode though.

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