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Jan 22, 2004
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I need a new TV so last night i went along to an independent dealer with the missus. We were set on a 36" CRT (pan/tosh) while i was comparing pictures off she wanders into the plasma section. I followed and to my surprise the picture qaulity was quite good on a JVC, keep with it my point is coming, honest. The guy showed us a few and then she spotted a panasonic pa20, the quality was very good, she even said she liked it, a lot :p . Here we go, the resolution on this unit (im looking at the 37") is 852*480 ( i think) which i thought is quite low (compared to PC standards) so is there other more important facts (contrast) that should be considered apart from res. Is there a real "viewable" difference between this screen res and say, 1024*768 (sony). My viewing is 85% sky and 15% dvd's, if that matters.
P.S. Is there any difference between the TH37PA20 and the PW6 series, apart from the lack of tuner?.

I'm no expert on the subject but I can at least start the thread rolling....

My understanding is this:-

852*480 is the lower res plasma on DVD they lose about 20% of the picture for sky they will be fine, except for HD (high definition) broadcast which is on it's way.....

Higher res screens like e.g Hitachi 1024 x 1024 are Alis screens i.e. this isn't their true resolution they're native res I think is around 1024x768 at 1024 x 1024 the screen is only able to display an interlaced picture. ( I suggest you search for Alis screens for more details).

Their are many debates on this thread about Alis V non-Alis as some people prefer one over the over.

I think the higher res is important if your gonna connect a pc to the screen as this has a huge impact on the scaling.

Also another important factor is contrast ratio which is the ratio between the blackest and whitest possible on the screen. But this figure isn't measured very well by manufactures (they use their own and different techniques to measure this).

Another factor is future proof if your screen is high definition ready. It will accept future high definition sources via a digital input.

Res & Contrast ratios are two v.important variables but something only the eyes can tell is the quality of the screen (also determined by the scalars and descalers in the screen).

But this can be a matter of personal choice....

I've heard the panny is very good quality and excellent build. But I’m considering Hitachi because it's HDVI ready and has the higher res for use as a computer monitor. But the build quality probably isn't as good.

At the end of the day it's a matter of personal choice and what ever looks better to your eyes and what you want out of a screen.

The best advice I can give you is demo the screens that you shortlist. Not in a high street store because they're set-up is normally poor go to a AV-specialist.

I'm sure others can correct if I’ve made mistakes (sorry I’m still a beginner)......
I fall you are planning on doing is watching standard definition TV , dvd or consoles then don't worry about the resolution. 852x480 is effectively 16x9 NTSC , PAL loses some resolution but its unlikey to make a huge difference to your viewig enjoyment. The 37" pannys have a very sharp visual appearance anyway : certainly sharper looking than an equivalent CRT.

If you are interested in using the screen with a PC or potentially getting into HD at some point then consider one of the higher res screens ( again I'd recommend the panasonics over any others )

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