Is Pioneer SE-DHP2000 Headset compatible with Audio-Technica ATH-DCL3000 base?


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I currently own the Audio-Technica ATH-DCL3000 system. But my headset is broken after 2.7 years. And since this model has been discontinued, I'm unable to find a new replacement headset, ATH-DCL3000R. Repair is pretty much out of the question too.

I'm wondering whether the Pioneer SE-DHP2000 Headset compatible with the ATH-DCL3000 infra-red transmission? If so, I could just buy the headset instead of buying the whole Pioneer SE-DIR2000C Dolby Digital Surround Headphones System. This system is Year 2005 old. Afraid it will go obsolete too.

Did consider the new Audio-Technica ATH-DWL5000 system but I will have to buy the whole system. Pretty $$$$ for now. And the headset uses radio instead of infra-red, so it won't work with my current ATH-DCL3000.

Now, I'm trying to check from Audio-Technica and Pioneer on my question too. Their staff are clueless about their own products!!!


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I decided not to get the ATH-DWL5000 because of possible RF issues. So, I bought a new system, the Pioneer SE-DIR2000C which uses IR.

Here's the good news. My old ATH-DCL3000 base transmitter does work with the Pioneer SE-DHP2000 Headset (part of the Pioneer SE-DIR2000C system). In fact the Audio-Technica base transmitter does a better job than the Pioneer's one. And since I have experienced the Audio-Technica headset, it's clearly the better performance. Sadly, Audio-Technica stopped producing the IR model and I have to settle for second best.

Now, I have to figure out what to do with the Pioneer base transmitter as I'm using the Audio-Technica one.

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