Is Pioneer customer service wrong? Too much receiver for my speakers?


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Newbie here. My brand new receiver that I scrimped and saved for is now in safe mode,and won’t turn on, and I am super frustrated. It was shutting down over and over while I was trouble shooting, and I guess I did it one too many times, hence the safe mode. Can someone tell me what is happening? Cause I don’t buy Pioneer customer service’s explanation. (below) Here is my set up:

The story: Before it shut off permanently and went into safe mode, I was testing a movie. The receiver would handle everything fine during parts of dialogue only, but as soon as a louder scene started, it would shut off. I then tried to plug in only one speaker at a time, with the same effect. Every single speaker (plugged in one at a time) would cause the receiver to shut off when the movie got to an action scene.

I called Pioneer, and the guy said I have too much receiver for my speakers, especially my rear two speakers. This is the entry level 5.1 receiver Pioneer makes. I can’t go any less powerful and still get 5.1. And if that’s the case, why did the receiver shut off when I was pushing my bookshelf speakers, (one at a time) as they should be able to handle the wattage?

I am going to box up the receiver and ship it back, but I need to know if what Pioneer is saying is true. Do I need to get new rear speakers that can handle more wattage? What do I do? Please help.


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Assuming it was wired correctly and there were no stray speaker cable wires causing a short then I'd say those speakers are fine. I'd suspect a fault within the VSX-532.


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Usually receiver shuts off, when receiver can't power the speakers in desired level - receiver is weak and overheating.
Solution is to buy better receiver or more sensitive speakers.
Receiver and speakers wattage is more or less meaningless, don't look these numbers.

But in your case I would suspect faulty receiver. Overheating occurs not immediately but after some time loud listening.
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