Is Peering Still An Issue?


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Hi all

I'm moving shortly and have an order in with Sky for Superfast ~60-80mb, they've now contacted me to say there may be an OpenReach issue - it doesn't appear to be a capacity based issue but rather an unknown one possibly involving road closures to resolve, as yet it's not causing the order to be put on hold but I'm obviously looking at alternatives - which means Virgin as they're the only other game in town when the OpenReach network is out of the picture (I don't fancy sub 3mb/s!).

Virgin is already available to the property but isn't used by the current owner.

I'd previously discounted them as I'd had huge peering based issues with buffering youtube etc in 2014. Straight line speed was fine but anything that had peering was a dial up buffering nightmare that I could see was peering on the network but Virgin straight out refused to look into.

Since we've been on Sky Fibre we had no issues but I hadn't had cause to have speeds over the 40 or so provisioned where we are so didn't investigate further.

Anyone on Virgin able to comment as to whether they resolved this particular issue or is it still something you can't do anything about except VPN around the peering servers?

Thanks all



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Everything peers to a certain extent unless a given provider has a direct feed to guarantee a particular bandwidth.

I have had issues possibly around the time you mentioned but I don’t seem to have any, touch wood at the moment.

I couldn’t not go with vm as the open reach service is very slow speed for me

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