Is Panasonic DMP-BDT110 better then the Panasonic DMP-BD60?


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Is Panasonic DMP-BDT110 better then the Panasonic DMP-BD60? I do have both and are about to sell one of them, the problem is that I can´t compare them good enouth in my current setup so I need some help here. I Know that BDT110 is new but its also alot cheaper then the DMP-BD60 was/is?



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I haven't tested both myself neither have I performed an anatomy but surely the 110 is the one to go for.
The BD60 is almost 3 years old now and that time not everyone had a blu-ray player so prices were steep in general.
I did have the BD60 for a year or so, the audio and picture were spot-on but the unit was dreadfully slow. The 110 should be much quicker overall.


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I did have a 110 and still use a Region A BDP60. Aside from the night and day difference in the loading times I found the 110 had a slightly sharper picture, for example with a disc like Cars 2 which I tried in both.

Jason Shouler

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....and that's not to mention the 110 is a 3D player with very good 2D->3D conversion on top!

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