Is OLED overkill for Freeview and DVDs?


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Hi folks.
I haven’t had a tv for a few years and fancied getting something good so did a lot of reading and ordered one of the A85 OLED 55” models from the Sony Centre thread, which is due on Friday.

However I’m having a few concerns about as good as the A85 is, whether it will be overkill for my sources which will be Freeview, DVD, Blu-ray, a bit of Xbox, YouTube etc so no Sky or Netflix.

I have just picked up an excellent Sony sound bar and Panasonic Bluray Player / Freeview recorder second hand for very little, so now am wondering if a second hand non 4K set would be better. Someone locally is selling a Pioneer PDP 4270XD Plasma for only £30, which seems crazy.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


The pinnacle of source quality now is 4k HDR. If you use a UHD Blu-Ray player and plan to buy UHD Blu-Ray's, its certainly money well spent.

Xbox (if at least Xbox one X) also can output 4k, with 4k games possible. Youtube has 4k HDR material, depending on what you watch.

If you are still mainly watching HD or less content you'll certainly get a quality boost from OLED technology, but also with the caveat material is less than 4k, so upscaling is needed which will make the picture softer.

What's your viewing distance? If you view at an average distance away the upscaling won't really be a big deal, for people who use a lot of 4k material sitting as close as possible is a good idea, but for people still watching a lot of non-4k, sitting close is a bad idea.


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Thanks for that. As it happens I bought a Samsung UE40F6500 last night so that will now be a good stop gap until more 4K content comes along I think. Picked the Samsung up for very little as it was sold as faulty but after a bit of research and a factory reset it’s completely fine.


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I'm intrigued as to your story but won't ask! There is plenty of 4k content available though, or did you mean until your acquire more 4k content personally?

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