is ok to have three Anthony Gallo Due's across the front?



Does anyone think it would ok to have three dues across the front instead of a due and two A'Diva's?

Would be being used with a two a'divas as rears, Pioneer VSX-AX5i and a Velodyne SPL-1000

Thanks for any feedback.


On a side note, how would this sound compared with a M&K K7 and K4 setup?

Ian J

I believe that all of the Gallo range are similarly voiced so a Due front three should fit in quite well with A'Diva rears but it is unfair to compare them with the M&K K7 speakers.

I believe that the Due are about £500 each which is very expensive for lifestyle products and comes within the M&K range above the K series.

I have the M&K Pro MPS1510 speakers which are a similar price to the Due but are far far ahead of them in terms of ability.


I use a Due in a 6.1 set-up with 5 other Micro's and it sounds great.

There would be no problem using 3 Due's accorss the front.


I don't see why it should be a problem - in fact it will probably sound great.

Your intended setup was almost what I went for. I had 5 AG Micros, a 2011 and SPL1000 and wanted to upgrade to Dues across the front. In the end I rethought my system and went for some Leema Xens + Leema SPLX10 selling the Gallos and Velodyne. Soundwise I made the right decision, aesthetically I like my Xens but the Gallo's are gorgeous.

At £500 a pop I'd definitely audition, you have a hell of a lot of choice at that price point.

Ian J

Originally posted by Dazed
At £500 a pop I'd definitely audition, you have a hell of a lot of choice at that price point.

Including the Leema Xen that you bought and the M&K MPS 1510 that I bought.


Active Member
Hi Dazed
Iam going to the northern show tomorrow leema will be there so going to check the xens out in comparison to my m/k 850s which sound awesome with movies but not to my liking with music a bit to forward.
Btw leema will not be going to the bristol convention.
Cheers Gonzo.:)


Nice one Gonzo. It'll be interesting to hear what you think. The Xaviers are also meant to be very, very good.

The Xens just keep getting better, must be nearly broken in by now:smoke:

Key word to describe the Xens - Coherence.

Edit: I believe Leema are doing the Bristol show, they're just not mentioned on any of the blah-di-blah

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