Is occulus go a upgrade from Acer Windows mixed reality headset.


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I Have acer Windows mixed reality headset which I use for steam vr games. I see occulus go is going for 200 pounds.
Is it a upgrade or downgrade anyone know?
Just for some background I use a pc with my windows mixed reality headset which has:
Ryzen 2700 processor
64gb DDR4
Nvidia gtx 1070 gpu
I would love to know I already know occulus go is portable and totally wireless so better there.
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Oculus Go is a stand alone HMD with no tracking. If you want to upgrade on a budget I would suggest the RiftS. You PC is more than capable.


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Go for a Rift S instead. The Oculus Go is a standalone headset that's only 3dof and you won't be able to play Steam games with it.

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If stand alone is important to you then go for the Oculus Quest. There really isn't much of a use case for the Go other than watching movie content.

Not sure I'd consider the Rift S much of an upgrade over your current WMR headset. If you want better, I'd suggest the Vive Cosmos or Valve Index. If wireless is important to you I'm sure it's been claimed the existing Vive wireless adapter will work with the Cosmos. Unfortunately no mention of wireless intentions for the Index yet.

Edit: Yep, will support the Vive wireless adapter: Vive Cosmos Could Be The Only New Headset With A Wireless Adapter

Makes the Cosmos the only high end PCVR headset with wireless!
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Nah get a quest and with Oculus link you'll be able to play PCVR games with deep blacks.. all for £399.
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