Is my Zatoichi real?


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Hi guys,
Just received my region 2 NTSC Japanese release of Zatoichi, and I am worried that it is not real. It seems to be only one disk, where as the korean and hk version are 2. The plastic case comes in a cardboard sleeve with an open up cover to reveal more writing, which seems to be in japanese (I think). Does this sound real? All the menues seem fine. The other thing is the CG blood looks terrible (IMO), so I am also thinking that this might be a telecine of a non final version, with work in progress VFX shots in it.

Sorry to be so worried, as i spent a bit of cash on this, and I also bought it through ebay. After reading everyones warnings about buying from ebay, I am a little concerned. They packaging, dvd all looks real enough, but I know how good these fakers are now.

Ta NickB


The Japanese version is only 1 disc, also i assume you have the 2003 version, could just be the CG blood looks terrible because they didn't have enough money to do a really good job on it, i'm sure some other forum members have more information on why the CG blood looks so bad.

The Korean version has a second disc full of extra's but also seems to be 3 minutes shorter, perhaps censorship cuts as Korean titles can sometimes be censored, so i imagine the Japanese release is preferable despite the extra's.


I've heard comments before about how the cgi bllod looks awful so all sounds ok going by the above comment as well.
It will be real :)

I got mine from japan and the mastering on the whole is terrible,very average pq and VERY washed out colours,a major dissapointment for such a fantastic movie imo.



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There are two Japanese versions of the disc a 1 disc set and limited pressing with 2 discs hope this helps.


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I've got the 2 discer.
The cg blood is just shabby work to be honest.

The mastering looks fine to me. I suspect the muted tones are deliberate.

I think the film blows to be honest though.


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The blood and the swords going through the bodies are CG work and a bit disappointing, but it is still a masterpiece of film!!!


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