Is my yamaha a christmas tree?



The manual mentions that the 'optimizer' message on the front display screen not laways have to lit up besides during setup and some programs but i can't get it off!
Any help is welcome, do i have to bring it back in repair.
ps i'm still disappointed for stereo performance despite the reviews:smoke:


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Hi Brambo. dont worry about the optimizer being lit up. It is just showing that you used tha YPAO setup, not a manual setup. If you want it to go just manually adjust some of the setings for the speakers.

I like the stereo performance of the 1400 but its real test will be when my Arcam alpha amp turns up then I will see what its made of :D

The only option is to get a stereo amp and use that for stereo. There are many threads on here to help you set it up using the yamaha as a pre-amp.

I havetn bothered using the standard power cord either lol. I will give it a couple of weeks to run in then i will try a comparison.

Hope this helps.:)


It helps for sure, and way to go with the powercord. Looking forward for the arcam/yamaha reviewe :clap:
thanks and have a nice weekend

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