Is my Yamaha 2600 faulty?


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I have used my 2600 flawlessly for over a year now but seem to have encountered problems for which I'm looking for some advice.

Firstly, I have been accessing my AV devices (mainly satellite decoder) in the bedroom using zone 2 connections and an IR repeater. I use a separate stereo amp in the bedroom. This has worked perfectly, including OSD. However, recently I've noticed that I get a blue screen on the TV despite the audio being routed to the bedroom. I've tried different inputs (ie DTV, CBL) but the blue screen persists and no OSD info is displayed either. This problem is intermittent, as in the morning, my timer on the pronto remote triggers everything and and video and audio are displayed, yet in the evening when I use the same pronto to turn on the system in the bedroom, the video signal is absent.

Obviously the first thing I need to check is the video cable. However, are there things in the amp setup that could explain this? Eg, the selector dial under the flap on the amp is set to source/remote - is this correct? I recall that it's possible to select audio from one source and video from another (eg if you want CD music as a background to a photo slideshow on DVD). Is it possible that my remote signal is corrrupt and sending a signal to the amp to direct video from a different source to the audio?

The second problem I have is that the amp is not responding well to IR signals from my remotes. This even occurs in the main TV room, so can't be attributed to the IR repeater. Naturally I assumed that it's due to flat batteries in the remote, but I've placed new ones in it and still have the same problem. Even the original yamaha remote isn't working well. Basically the amp will respond intermittently and you have to move the remote around at different angles. I will reload my program into the pronto to eliminate the possibilty of a corrupt file but was wondering if there is a way to adjust the sensitivity of the IR receiver on the 2600, or a setting that needs to be restored?

Many thanks.

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