Is my US LCD TV supports European standrads


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Hello all,

Recently I bought new LCD TV (SONY KDL-46Z5100) and in few weeks I’m moving to Europe for few years.
I searched the forum for computability issues and found the following:

  1. Electric voltage and frequency (110 vs. 220 & 60MHz to 50MHz).
  2. Tuner differences (NSTC vs. PAL & ATSC vs. DVB).
  3. Warranty.
The TV model I own support 220v and 60MHz and I’m willing to take the risk of nonsupport warranty.
The things that do concern me are:

  1. Is there any differences in HDMI standard or is it universal? Will I be able to see HD movies with European BluRay via HDMI connector?
  2. Is there a way to convert DVB into ATSC? Is there any external dongle for that purpose?
  3. The TV has motionflow of 240Hz (4 pictures), I checked SONY European models and they have motionflow of 200Hz.I assume this is related to the electric frequency (60Mhz vs. 50Mhz). As my TV supports 50Mhz does anyone know if this feature (motionflow) will be available? In other words is the TV capable to downgrade itself into motionflow of 200Hz?
I’m really looking for your help, Sony customer center constantly say “we don’t recommend it” without explaining why and or answer those questions.

Thanks in advance.

My TV specification:KDL-46Z5100 | 46" BRAVIA Z Series HDTV | Sony | Sony Style USA

Chris Muriel

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All your MHz terms should be Hz - short for hertz rather than megahertz.
Our AC line frequency is 50 Hz; most European TVs support both 50 and 60 Hz but most north American TVs only support 60 Hz.
A device to convert ATSC to DVB-T would be expensive. You could possibly do it with a DVB receiver with its output fed to an ATSC modulator but you would probably have to buy the modulator over there - unlikely to be easy to find here.


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It's generaly not worth attempting to run a US TV in Europe or the otherway round for that matter.

The panis and costs are just not worth it, just to name a few:
You will never get the internal tuner to work.
You will need a sizeable step down transformer for the power supply unless it accpets 240V 50Hz mains, especially if it's a big screen ~200-300W or more.
You will be able to feed the screen an input from a blu-ray player at 24Hz, or 60Hz via HDMI but that is about it.
Most of our cheap tuner boxes use a SCART socket which US kit doesn't have so you will need scart to composite video adapters (or scart to s-vhs assuming you find one of the rare bit of UK kit that outputs s-vhs) and that's assuming your set will accept an input at 50Hz which it probably doesn't.

It is possible to convert a 50Hz input to a 60Hz one but then that's more hardware, more cost and the results in terms of quality are variable unless you spend a fair amount on the converter.

I haven't read the specs for your US model but support for any from of 50Hz input on US kit is a very rare thing and all UK external tuners, sat receivers etc will us 50Hz as do our HD platfroms so you are most unlikely to be able to use them.

By the time you factor in weight, size, cost of shipping, possible VAT & import Duty charges both ways assuming you then take it back, chances of damage while shipping etc it's easier all round to just buy something at the cheap end of the market while here. You can always sell it on when leaving.

sorry to be a downer.

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