Is my tv set up correctly for ps5 ?


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Hi can anyone help with this one
Just bought a ps5 for my son and ive set the hdmi up through the arc hdmi so i have my soundbar taking the audio of my tv and ps5
Just two questions the picture below shows my display settings , no mention of 4k but HDR , is that resolution full 4k?

Also ive heard you cant get 4k playback through a arc hdmi but my tv says only hdmi 2 can output HDR and Hdmi 2 is also the arc hdmi
Tv is panasonic tx-50 ex750b
Also in the advanced options it says pure direct 4k is off and greyed out i cant select it
Any input appreciated


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Firstly 3840x2160 is full 4K resolution, so you’re all good there. I’m not sure what you’re asking with second question, but having just checked your tv specs it seems all 4 of your tvs hdmi ports support 4K HDR, but only HDMI 2 supports ARC.

I’ve never used a Panasonic TV (but have researched them in the past when tv hunting :)), I think the 4K Pure Direct setting is related to Chroma Subsampling, which is a type of compression for colour information. The TVs Pure Direct option is only available when receiving a 4:4:4 chroma signal, I’m sure The PS5 can do 4:4:4 at 4K 60/120 but I think you need HDMI 2.1 for that. I’m not sure you would notice much difference any way.

I’m no tv expert by any means, but I’m sure some clever member will correct me if I’m wrong :D

Enjoy the PS5, it’s a great console.

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