Is my TV a turkey? Samsung LE40R51B


Sam Sung

I have a love-hate relationship with my new Samsung LE40R51B! Overall it's been great but I want to know, after paying out £1,600 a month ago, do I have a right to be annoyed about the following:

A patch of lighter pixels perceptible at first only when the TV displayed a black screen in 'no signal mode' but now shows up on the green pitch in a fast-moving football game.

Pixels which have 'switched off' so they just show white, red or green depending where you're standing. They weren't there a few days ago, so I'm expecting the screen to deteriorate further as time goes on.

In short, I want my TV to be perfect and it isn't. Would the warranty people be sympathetic of should I get out more?
I don't get any of those problems watching TV on my Dell LCD.

I'd not accept it. I'm sure the store would have Samsung take a look for you.

Contact them today and if you can video (camcorder)/photograph the problems all the better. Keep copies for yourself.
It's very unusual to hear of pixels that were once working to go wrong like that.

How many malfunctioning pixels in total do you have? It might be possible to have Samsung swap the set. As far as I know, dead pixels get more and more common on larger screen sizes.

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