Is my Thomson Dying?


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I am after a bit of advice!
Ive had a few things go wrong on my box this weekend. First problem was last night, I was watching the recording of Jonathan Ross recorded from BBCHD, and started getting the blocky and stuttering you see with a poor signal, then the resolution went weird and the DOG size increased to 2/3 of the screen :eek:! I stopped playback, started it again, going back a few minutes to play the same section. The second time around it played fine. Off I went to bed, thinking nothing of it.
This morning I got up, switched the box on, and I got the No Signal Received on Channels 1-5, the ITV2/3/4 channels and BBCHD - all the other channels seemed ok.
I have rebooted the box, forced a software update, rebuilt the planner, got concerned about a failing PSU, opened the box to check for leaking Caps (all seem ok). Put the box back on and got the same problem...

Now I think the box is just inside the warranty ( I am sure I got it last Feb after payday, around the 15th). If I phone Sky to get an engineer out will they charge me for a Service Call if its still in Warranty?
Or do i just bite the bullet and sort it myself so I don't lose my box full of recordings due to an engineer swapping my box??

EDIT: Well call me a liar, just tried BBC 1 and ITV and they appear to be working again :confused: Has this episode been a sign that impending failure of my PSU is around the corner ????

I know there is a lot of negative comments about the Thomson boxes on here, and I can honestly say that up to now the box has worked faultlessly....:(


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suggest if its still just inside the warranty get an engineer down pronto sods law if you dont will die on you just after the warranty finishes! i keep getting calls to take on a monthly payment to cover my box as mine expires march but at £12 a month its a bit much in these hard times!


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Yeah I think I will call them - the channels have just gone off again.
If I call today will I get through to the Scottish Call Centre or an Indian one? I really can't be doing with going through the standard troubleshooting procedure with a foreign call centre, it's too painful (especially on a Sunday!)


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I'm in luck, had the box installed on the 19th Feb, so its just in warranty..

Anyway just phoned them, got the Indian Call Centre, but decided to hold on and play through his check sheet...
Went through the usual unplug box, dish connections etc. From what I could make out from the quiet voice on the phone (whilst trying to keep the kids quiet in the living room!) he said he was going to send a signal to the box which could take anywhere between a few minutes and 4 hours, then try it again and phone back if it doesn't work :confused:
Whats this? Is it really a software update, or is it something else??
I'm hoping to play this out now, so I can get an engineer and a replacement box I think
(goes to download Copy+...)
EDIT: am I stupid or have I read correctly that I won't be able to move recordings to a new box??
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