Is my set up adequate?

Adam R

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Hi Guys, this will be my set up (All Ordered):
Camera: JVC DX97EK
Software: Pinnacle Studio version 9SE

My Pc Specs are as follows
Windows Xp running Service pack 2
512MB Memory (49 Meg Free)
2GB Virtual
2.6 GB Intel Celeron Processor
Firewire ports with I-link
DVD re-Writer

All I want to do is make home movies & transfer them on to DVD. I also want to transfer footage from a Sony Analogue camera on to digital & then on to DVD. I understand that I can do this as the JVC DX97 has analogue Input & DV input/output.

Is this set up ok? anything I need to add or upgrade?


bit of a confusing spec there Adam - I presume 512Mb is your RAM memory - so you can't talk about any of it being free. I also assume that by 43MB free you actually mean that your hard drive has 43Gb (not megabytes) free - thats a bit tight for video editing - if you really only have 43Mb free then no way can you edit video - what size is your hard disk. I also have to assume you mean 2.6 GHz pentium processor

If my assumptions are correct then apart from hard disk size it looks as though you should be able to edit video - you may find a benifit by upgrading your RAM (memory) to 1Gb

Adam R

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Hi Beejay
Sorry I meant
70.5 Gb HDD
53.7 Gb Free


~54Gb of available disc space is going to be tight. 1 hour of captured video will take up approx 14Gb and then you will need spare space for editing and file conversion.
With disc space being so cheap I would suggest you add a second HDD. A 160Gb drivee should cost under £60 and will give you loads of space to work with. Install this drive as a slave to the drive with Windows on and only put the captured video on there and not any programs, not even the editing program.

Have a play around with Pinnacle Studio to see how you get on with it. However many people report that this program is unstable and keeps crashing, so you may need to look at getting something else. Also I'm not sure if the SE version will even let you burn a DVD as it is a cut down copy of the full program with many features disabled.

Good luck and feel free to ask any more questions you may have.



Windows xp uses around 220mb ram just to run the operating system. This leaves you with another 300mb of ram free. When rendering video your computer uses around 60% of your free ram so that means its using 170mb of ram. Rendering with just 170mb of ram will no doubt take some time. The size of your processor is adequate but you should invest in some more harddrive space. A second drive for video capture is best. If you save too the same drive as your operating system you can sometimes suffer from dropped frames which is very bad news. Apart from that your good to go. happy editing :thumbsup:

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