Is My PS3 Faulty?


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My ps3 will not play certain dvd's when connected via component with 1080i as screen setting, Blu-rays and games play fine,as do certain titles. If i un-select all the resolutions bar the standard( pal ) the dvd's play fine.
Am i using wrong settings or is machine faulty?
Thing is a friend of mine works at Currys, and he stated that they have had quite a few 40gb units returned, that are not playing/reading dvd's.
Apparently when Sony decided upon the 40gb model, some of the chips available in the 60gb model were omitted for cost reasons, hence problems with reading certain types of Dvd's. Is this true? I don't want to make an idiot of myself by stating unit is faulty, when it may be faulty, or my plasma incompatible.


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No it's not faulty.

Sounds to me like the PS3 is output the SD DVD's with the upscale option selected and you can only upscale SD DVD's through the HDMI connection.

On the PS3 XMB go to Settings --> BD/DVD Settings and turn off the upscale feature for DVD's then they should play fine.

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