is my ps3 broken?



I am having two major problems right now, first my sixaxis is not pairing upto my ps3, it wont turn on with the sixaxis, and when it is on it won't sync with the controller. I have tried two different controllers and have tried with the controllers plugged in through USB

My second problem is that there is no signal coming from my ps3 to my tv. I am using HMDI, and it recognizes when the ps3 is unplugged by saying check cable source, but when it's on it says no signal. I have tried composite cables also which didn't work- again "no signal"

I think the two problems could be rooted together from a power surge possibly, since everything worked fine an hour earlier. Does anyone have any suggestions at all???


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ok have you tried the Auto detect mode by turning off the ps3 and then tuning it back on holding down the power button until it beeps twice the PS3 should find the HDMI cable and set itself up.. let me know what happens

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