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Is my pc TOO colourful?


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Lol, funny title I guess, but do you think my choice of different fan brands and colours is OTT? Several people have said so. I really like it but then again, maybe I should have gone for less colours? What is your opinion of my choices?


Full view

AC Ryan 1-floor



Rear view


Deleted member 293381

Hi Merlin5

Yeah - way over the top - far too much colourful lights.

The fans are the light sources. Switch off the fans....no lights.....Problem solved! :D


P.S. - good looking system, much care and attention obviously gone into that beastie!

Theydon Bois

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I think everyone goes through the 'as many LED's as possible' phase, and the very fact that you are questioning this means you are coming to the end of this phase....

Replace the fans with decent coolers (fans with LEDs are no way in comparison to decent fans from SHarkoon and Noctua) and stick the side of your PC on.

Less light and heat and therefore noise. :smashin:


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Thanks Alan and Theydon. I'm only questioning it because several people have told me it looks like the fan monster has puked up in my case :D

Ah well, the sharkoon silent eagle 2000 on the cpu is not led and a very recommended fan, the enermax everest on the gpu is a recommended fan. And the Xigmatek as far as I know is a respected fan. I think perhaps the two AC Ryans are more about case modding than quality, however, unless they break down, they do both give 77.70cfm, at least, according to their spec. I will at some point replace some fans for a more sane and subdued look, once I've gotten over the novelty effect of the pink floyd laser show, lol.
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Nope! I think it looks fine! Would be nice to see a picture with the side of the case on though. At the end of the day you built your pc for you. If you like it don't worry about what other people think! If you did everyone would have the same setup :thumbsup:


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Hiya shil, nice to see you and thanks! Yep, I'm a member of just about every forum going, LOL! :D I bought some of this stuff from ocuk and some just recently from scan with free shipping, such as the ac ryans and the fan controller and the HR 03 GT.

Thanks thelostprophet, glad you like. I'll do some side pics with the cover on :)

Well, I'm VERY excited right now, albeit just over temps which some people would think is a bit sad, hehe. Anyway, check this out:

Enermax everest on VGA on HIS HD4870 @ idle: 45c with lowest fan settings on vga cooler, floor and top. Also cpu fan (74cfm) set to low with smart fan enabled.
36c idle on highest fan settings on cooler, floor, top, and cpu fan with smart fan disabled.

@ Load with furmark with full fan speeds : 58c
Verdict : good.

AC Ryan on VGA @ 35c with lowest fan settings on vga cooler, floor and top. Also cpu fan (74cfm) set to low with smart fan enabled.
33c idle on highest fan settings on cooler, floor, top, and cpu fan with smart fan disabled.

@ Load with furmark with full fan speeds only 45c and wouldn't budge :eek:
Verdict: bloomin' brilliant!

And I haven't even redone the MX-2 yet where I broke the seal when first installing the VGA cooler. How good is that? :clap:

To give you a reference, with stock GFX cooler and stock cpu cooler, I was getting 52c idle and 85c load GFX temps with furmark. :D

These fans are all great and I'd recommend the AC Ryans in a heartbeat.
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Personally I'd drop the green and replace with another blue or orange but who cares what I think, it's your pc and if it looks good to you then it's perfect.

Yep, you're right, I'm gonna get another fan to replace that one, either blue or orange. But I can't get another xigmatek to match the rear exhaust fan because it's only 61cfm, it'll need to be over 70cfm, because I'm getting great temps with the blue/green ac ryan on the vga cooler now that I swapped it over. In fact, if I can find a good led fan with over 100cfm, even better! The noise doesn't bother me. Honestly, with all my fans on full blast, it's not much noise at all. I have a fan controller and by switching them all to lowest setting, it's identical volume to when I had just the case fans that came with the case and the stock cpu cooler. And when I need to put all fans to high speed, say, for playing games, I use headphones anyway, so I can't hear them at all.

So, who can recommend me a 100+ cfm led fan? :) I won't buy a delta though, as I value my fingers, LOL.

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