is my old!equipment worth anything


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i really have no idea if this stuff is worth anything? or would it be like flogging a dead horse.i have a nakamichi 420 power amp.nakamichi 410 preamp.nakamichi 430 fm tuner.the equipment is i think about 30yrs old.i think it all works ok?got a few scratches and usual wear&tear things for something of this age.i was just wondering before i started trying to sell it if you experienced guys out there would think there would be any interest in this sort of stuff to hi-fi enthusiasts.look forward to your thoughts.


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Have a look on ebay to see if there is anything similar being sold. This will give you an idea on price. It is amasing how much things will go for on there if marketed correctly.
I sold a 20yr+ Technics amp/fm tuner on ebay a couple of years ago. It was full working with only a few marks on it and I got around £50 for it. I think the wife had it described as a 'retro' item. I was quite surprised how much someone paid for it but was also nice to know that it was not going to be put in a skip (do not like to just throw away perfectly good and working equipment).

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I think you may be surprised, old Nak stuff is well thought of so if it's in good working order it may well have a good value... check on some of the fora and make sure you advertise it correctly if you go the ebay route. You may find that being prepared to ship overseas will get you more for it - just be very honest about it's condition.


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