Is my newly fixed Pioneer LX51 still broken or?


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I just got my LX51 back from the shop after they fixed a broken HDMI port. What happened to begin with is that the little plastic crap that is in the hdmi out port on the reciever broke. So they got a new port, soldered it on, didn't work. So they ordered a new board so they would basicly replace the whole HDMI controller board.

Well I got it today, tried it, HDMI works now but the quality sucks. Its like everything is in 16bit colors if I connect through the reciever, if I connect it stright from my MPC to the TV (Pioner 508x btw) everything is in its sweet 24bits.

The reciever was also reset to factory settings so all my settings were lost.

Is it still broken, or is this some hidden feature that is set wrong?:lease:
Based upon your post I would think its still broken.

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