Is my kit able to display HDTV

Alan Westy

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I'm interested in exploring HDTV but do not know if my equipment is capable of displaying it, can anyone tell me if a Seleco 450 crt projector linked to a quadscan is able to dislpay HDTV


Too Tall

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You may get more of a responce from the CRT Projector folder.

Your Quadscan can only accept none interlaced PAL (525i) or NTSC (480i) so is not HDTV compliant. You would not use the scaler with HDTV material anyway as it is already at 720p/1080i/1080P. You would connect the HDTV device (HD sat box, HTPC, D-VHS) directly to the PJ.

Your Seleco can accept RGB upto 38Khz and therefore should be able to accept 720P/1080i. But I would check this first.



Yes, Roland or another of the CRT gurus would be better placed to answer.
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