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Is my iPhone 3GS battery life abnormal?


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Firstly, I know that the battery life of a mobile is very much dependent on usage. However, I'm asking this question on here so that a variety of people can respond with their advice...

OK, so, my question is whether the battery life on my iPhone 3GS is abnormal. Basically, I've nboticed it deteriorating, to the extent whereby now it will barely last 12hrs from 100% to 0%.

My stats today are - Usage 6hrs 36mins, Standby 11hrs 8mins. Although my normal inclination would have been to add those together to reach the total usage, I can say for sure that it was only 11hrs 8mins since I unplugged at 100% charge.

I have bluetooth and wifi disabled, and haven't used anything gps-based today.

Is this abnormal? If so, would an Apple Genius appoinment be my first port of call? Are battery life moans dealt with seriously by the Geniuses?


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Mine was as bad as that, I changed the battery and it didn't improve :(

I have heard that if you restore the phone in iTunes and set it up as a new phone rather than from your backup, that *might* help - though of course you will lose everything. It's not as big a deal if you have your contacts synced, and if you're jailbroken you can back up saved data from your apps, but it's still a pain, and something I'm not looking forward to trying.

What I found made a *huge* difference was turning 3G off. I don't get a 3G signal at work during the day, and I think that constantly searching for one was a big drain on the battery. It's much, much better now, and I just have to remember to turn 3G back on when I'm out and about and need a faster connection.

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