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    Good morning all,

    My Sony KV32FX68 arrived last Saturday morning and it works beautifully. No bleeding, buzzing and slant.

    I have NTL cable TV and 2 Thor scarts.

    My only problem is when I play certain movies on my Hyundai DVD-320A like Ice Age and it shows that fizzy distortion on the outline of a person or a letter.

    I don't get that at all when watching TV normally via NTL cable and I'm thinking that it is my cheap (£49.00) DVD player. Why I'm thinking that it is my DVD player is because of the's guide, where it says that if you see fizzy distortion on the edge of a person or a letter... it is because it is not 'RGB' enabled.

    I noticed that my Sony TV picked up the RGB signal automatically from the NTL cable source via Thor cable. It didn't do the same for the DVD player even though I set the signal output to 'RGB'.

    You know when you flip through AV1, AV2, AV3 and etc... it shows this three dots, which means it is fully RGB enabled. It didn't show that three dots for the DVD player.

    I know my Sony has 3 scart ports and only 2 scart port are 'RGB' enabled.

    Do you guys think that it is my DVD player, which is so cheap and can't give out RGB signal?

    Thanks in advance.

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