Is my hard drive knackered.....


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I've had Sky HD since the early days of the current £49 offer. I have a Samsung box which I am generally very pleased with.

Previously I have set it to record Aquariavision, which just happens to be the last program of Sky Arts HD before they stop broadcasting at something like 2am. In the past whenever I have tried this, the box has still been "recording" when I got up in the morning, and the only way to stop this was to either cancel the recording - & lose it from my planner - or switch the box off at the wall.

I noticed that the program is showing again at the moment so tried to record it again. Same problem - woke up this morning to see the box still with the recording light on the front, and "recording" still showing in the planner. As previously I switched the box off at the wall and back on again, and waited a few minutes before checking that everything was OK.

Now the problem - when I go into the planner all I get is a box saying "Please Wait press backup to cancel". None of the mnay recordings I have stored show up. If I cancel this and watch normal TV but then try to live pause it, I get the same banner message.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to mess about with it and wait as I had to come to work, but has anyone else seen this? As I left, with the box on standby, the hard drive seemed to be making a lot of noise like it was rebuilding it or something?

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