Is my hard drive at fault?


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Hi all

I have one of the original Pace Sky+ boxes when the service was launched and has been ultra reliable until now.

Had a few problems in the last few days in that I have to keep unplugging the box and rebooting to access my planner.Anyway did this again last night and when I turned it back on there was a horrible grating noise every 30 seconds or so doing it 4 times in total.

No pause or record features are available and have the System Fault message, have done the usual rebuild and full reset from the hidden menu and a forced software update but no good.

So my question is has the hard drive finally given up and is it economical to repair it or just order a new box from SKY?

Many thanks in advance :thumbsup:


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The life of a Hard Drive used for intensive video work is generally about 3 years. Obviously this is a huge generalisation! But it means yes, your HD is likely to be on its last legs. Replacements are relatively cheap and easy to fit. I would recommend this route, since you've been happy with it so far.

If you don't fancy doing it, I can recommend Michael at Digifix. He's a Sky+ expert and prices are reasonable.
(No, I'm not on commission!)

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