Is my DVD Broken?


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Hi all

My Panasonic A160 is causing me trouble. I know there's threads about Monster Inc disk problems, but in the past month it hasn't been able to read Moulin Rouge disk 1, Monsters Inc disk 1, or Beyond Enemy Lines - although I have been able to play Black Hawk Down and disk 2s of the above - not to mention a random selection of my old DVDs.

Is it just that its an old payer - three and half years I think? Has DVD software changed making it not work. Have been looking for clues on the DVD boxes as to which new stuff they use but there seems to be no consistent pattern.

Panasonic support are useless and don't want to know. Is my player broken :( , or is it just time to upgrade :)



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It could be the laser is on its way out, or has gone out of alignment. It would probably cost more to have it looked at or fixed than to get a nice shinny new player.:)


Originally posted by gilesm
Panasonic support are useless and don't want to know. Is my player broken :( , or is it just time to upgrade :)

I'm guessing Panasonic would consider the A160 and A360 to have now passed their shelf life, hence the lack of support. It may even be that their front line support don't even have any experience of the A range.

As kevb says, for sub-£200 you can buy several new players that will outperform the A160 and as any repair will be £50 to £100 as a minimum...

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how much would new players actually perform old ones? I have a Pioneer DV505, and have often wondered whether newer technology means better pictures. Not neccessarily would be my conclusion, but would something like an SD220 give me better pictures?

It has started being very noisy with some discs, so I have an excuse to replace it if neccessary (the wife thinks its going to break soon :)


From my own experience, I went from a Panny A360 to a Toshiba 510 and noticed a difference for sure. Crisper, clearer and better colour definition in my eyes.

The A160 to 220 jump is definitely comparable and I think it's fair to say you'll see a benefit. You certainly won't lose anything anyway.

You can get MR 220s for sub £150 online.

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