Is my denon 3802 broken?



I bought a Denon 3802 about a month ago and have been saving for speakers since then. Yesterday I finally got my Kef Eggs. I connected them all up and the following happens:

- amp cycles through a few things on the screen upon power up
- 3rd item is receiver, when the amp gets here there is a click
- screen goes blank and power light flashes rapidly.

The manual says it could be because of overheating - not in my case. The unit has never been used.

The manual also says it could be because the speakers are shorting. I disconnected ALL inputs and outputs and the same thing happens.

Am I missing something or is this just a broken amp? :(

I have been waiting for ages and am gutted this has happened.




Try disconnecting everything, and i mean everything including the main socket.
Then after it has been out of the main socket for a couple of minutes, connect it with only the main and power off on the front, everything else disconnected.
Then see in your manual for "Initialization of the microprossesor", do that when you turn if back on.
If it happens after that i is something wrong with the amp.
Sorry i cant help you more now.


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To reset the amp hold down the STEREO & DIRECT buttons on the front panel whilst turning the POWER ON, hold a few seconds and the display will flash.

If the amp still doesn´t work then I´d assume its got a problem and will need to be looked at/sent back.:(


Yep - that sounds wrong to me. I would take it back......

Mine does not do this.


Thanks for your replies guys. I did disconnect everything and initialise the processer as directed by you and the manual. It did not help. I was lucky - Richer Sounds in Chelsea had them in stock and swapped it for a new one which works perfectly :)

I love it! :)



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I have this combo (KEF & 3802) and would reccommend you spend an extra £90 on an additional satalite. I was very pleasently surprised by the difference it made. IMHO its not woth going to 7.1 unless you have a wide room.



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- screen goes blank and power light flashes rapidly

Just to let you know that I had this exact problem with my 3802. Eventually I tracked it down to short circuits on the speaker connectors.

Not that this helps now, ofcourse...

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