Is my computer way to slow for video editing? Pinnacle Studio 9 v Ulead Video Studio?


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Feb 14, 2003
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I've got an Intel Pentium 4, 1.5GHz with 512MB ram.

I've been editing my first film in Windows Movie Maker 2.
And...that's the last time I will use this piece of software.
First of all, WMM2 sometimes take a splitsecond of a clip, and add it between two other clips. But it adds it as a part of one of the other clips, so I have to cut a tiny bit off one of the clips.
Another problem. Quite ofter between clips, WMM2 makes this little noise, which I best can describe as little tick. Again I have to go in and remove it, as it's part of one of the clips.
WMM2 has managed to make a couple of other "tick" sounds after I've removed them the first time.
The very last problem...when I add transitions or text animation, the video seems to turn a tiny bit slower.
Is this to do with my computer, or is it the software?
I've decided to go for either Pinnacle Studio 9 or Ulead Video Studio 7.
From what I can read, Ulead VS7 is a lot more stable that Pinnacle Studio 9.
Is that true?
And what do I need?
Ulead Media Studio or Video Studio?
All I want to do, is to edit what I've filmed on my MiniDV camcorder, and then burn it onto DVD.
A Pentium 4 running at 1.5Ghz should be plenty fast enough for video editing, don't use MMM2 myself so can't comment on strange happenings but a man who can help with MMM2 can be found at

I personnally use Ulead VideoStudio7 and am very happy with it, but I have a number of friends who are equally happy with Pinnacle Studio 8&9. You can get a free trial of UVS7 at the Ulead website :- so you can try it without cost then if you like it I would strongly recommend you buy the full version.
Thanks for that, fella!
I'm downloading Ulead Videostudio now, and I've emailed PapaJohn.
One very last question.
After I edited my video in WMM2, I downloaded Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3 Disc Creator (the trial version).
Do I need to use it, if I get Videostudio instead? Can Videostudio do exactly the same as Movie Factory?
UVS7 is a complete package in that it can capture - edit - then burn to DVD or VCD and also return the video to a suitable camcorder.

Some people however prefer to export the finished .avi file and use another programme - like TMPGenc for example to encode and then another to burn to disc.

It really depends on what works for you, if you don't like a particular piece of one programme then export the file from that into one you do like. I never really like telling anybody which is the BEST programme - they all do much the same thing it really is down to personal preferences, if you like the interface in a programme and the way it works and it produces results that you like then that's the one for you

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