Is my box broken ?


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Hi all, i have an amstrad hd box which when i put into standby and switch it back on again i get a "no satelite signal being received" message and needs the old unplug replug in to reset it, after this it works fine.. This happens say 9 times out of 10 after putting it into standby. It never works in the morning after being left on standby at night. Once the box is up and running it doesnt miss a beat. I spoke to the technical help who said that the problem was with my communal dish because when the box is turned on, it sends a signal to the dish to send the box the tv signal, so the fault is with the dish/communal equipment, at this point in a fit of laughter i hung up. This was about 3 weeks ago and i havent phoned back since mostly due to having to make 3 seperate phonecalls just to change an address 2 months ago and the memory still haunts me !. I`m going to try technical help again tomorow, what do you guys think about my problem ?. cheers stu


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If you've got Single Feed Mode enabled, switch OFF Sky Anytime. It's disabled by default because of this very problem with one feed only.

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This sounds familiar. I have a similar problem only when I check the signal strength on the second feed it's fine. Only the main feed is a problem. If the problem persists try resetting the LNB each time as it's quicker than switching the box off and on again. I know it's not an ideal long term solution but it'll keep you going until you can convince sky to replace the box.

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