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Is my 3D tv broken?


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Hi I am a bit worried about my 3D LED TV (42LW450U) if you have a look at the pic I have attached there is triangles of light coming from all four corners but especially at the bottom left as you are looking at it, I am sure a would have noticed these before so I am a bit worried, The TV is under guarantee but i didn't want to make myself look daft if the TV is perfectly fine.
you can still see these even with a picture on its just not that noticeable.

So my question is do I call the TV repairman or not, Thanks in advance Justin..


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The Eggman72

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Hi, after reading a few posts on this problem it seems its a trait of these TV's,
but I am almost sure that this wasn't there before so I don't know if it will get any worse,

will it get any worse?
would the replacement be in a similar condition?

seems I might go through all the hassle and the new one be same :(

Paul MC007

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Hi there

How old is the TV? Have these patches only just occurred (suddenly?)

It does look like normal light bleed. Well, I say "normal" - but if you haven't noticed this before and the set (as you say) is still under guarantee, then it would be best to call someone up to look at it.

An awful lot of LCD/LED sets do suffer (to varying degree's) with this sort of issue.

What settings (especially brightness) do you have this set to? Have you tried playing about with the settings to see if this makes any difference?

EDIT: Just seen your posting above..... Light bleed doesn't usually get that much worse (although it can sometimes).... A replacement might be better yes, but there again, could be worse! Unfortunately, with new LCD/LED's often it's a lottery as to what you are going to get!

My advice always is: If it bothers you with general everyday viewing (and it's under some form of warranty/guarantee still) get someone up to look at it. If you have to look very hard to see it during everyday viewing then maybe leave alone as, as previously mentioned, it is quite a common issue with sets of this technology.
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Hi thanks paul for the reply,

the TV has about 3 months left on the guarantee thats why I was panicking,
but it doesn't really bother me on day to day viewing I just didn't want it to get worse when the guarantee was up,
I think if I phone the tv shop he would probably say thats what these TV's are like so I will probably save the embarrassment and just live with it.

thanks for the info guys...

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