Is Mountain Lion a battery hog?


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Latest upgrade looks like its hurting MacBook's

According to reports from Macworld, many users that have upgraded to Apple's latest operating system, Mountain Lion, have been reporting that the upgrade has seen a sizeable drop off in battery life in their MacBooks.

A poll by Engadget shows that more than 8,000 (43 per cent) of the 18,939 respondents that had downloaded OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion noticed a difference in battery life immediately.

A second poll from Razorianfly showed that 77 per cent of respondents are experiencing shorter battery life with Mountain Lion. The poll also revealed that the problem is most common on 2011 MacBook Pro models.

Are you a MacBook/Mountain Lion user - how's your battery?



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Definitely noticed a difference - even in sleep/hibernation on my 2011 MB Air 11" the battery is draining faster than normal.

100% charge when I left the house this morning, when I woke it up 90 minutes later, down to 74%! :thumbsdow

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