Question Is LG SL10Y unable to output 4k 60fps + hdr?

I really dig this soundbar, but it has some major flaws. Especially when it comes to PC-gaming. It outputs 4k 60fps, but try adding the HDR setting in game (Horizon: Zero Dawn) and whoa, it drops to stable, but terrible 30 fps with HDR on.

Also noticed that the soundbar isn´t able to output 2560:1440 resolution in 60 hz. 30 seems to be the limit for some strange reason. Has anyone else noticed that, or do i use the wrong settings?

I tried to use my OLED B7 HDMI-port and it´s working where i can enjoy all gaming in 60fs, 4k + HDR. However since the tv doesn´t support eARC the sound-delay doesnt work to a level where it´s unplayable.

So... what should i do? Buy an other soundbar which satisfies my needy needs or is there some other way this can be fixed?

I tried with custom resolutions in Windows, but that didn´t help a bit.

Going slightly mad...
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